Not much to say really. I live in Sweden, about 15 minutes below Gothenburg. I'm turning 20 in June and uhm.. well, music is probably the only thing that I feel fully comfortable with. It's the best way for me to get my feeling out too... So I hope you enjoy the listen, and I thank you for doin' it.

And I really love this site, I mean Really love it.

Clear skies

// adam


October 22nd, 2011 + 7:10 PM  ·  heartxposure

Hi folks! as I've said before, I excuse myself for being so inactive on the site but.. well the inspiration comes and goes.

So this is another love song, which describes exactly how I feel right now,
about a certain person. Hope you'll like it...


The sun is fading once again
this sea of feelings starts to break me down
floating on a raft without a paddle
I wish there was a way for you to save me now

but I guess I like the open ocean
nothing to hold on to but own two arms
far away from all the deep emotions
I will find a place to reconstruct my heart
So I fall right through the
atmosphere of all I can't recieve
and I fall right through ya'
when I know you're all I'll ever need

and I will consume ya'
make you think of all we could've been
and I know I threw our chances away

I wish I could refuse my worried thoughts
I wish I could reduce them to meanless parts
'cause when I sail away I reach the storm
I had become a machine, but with you I transformed

Reality Show

June 19th, 2011 + 5:06 PM  ·  heartxposure

Hi guys, I've been too busy lately doing things not involving music but this is
my latest work

Hope you'll like it!

I Still See You

April 2nd, 2011 + 10:04 PM  ·  heartxposure

Hey guys, my latest work. I've worked with frequenzes for the first time in my life and I found it pretty.... interesting.. I think it sounds good I guess, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.


please change your mind
please come back to me
I don't wanna live
if you're not here

you are everything
that I need
and I am everything
that you once needed

I don't know where you are
and I shouldn't search for you
but I'd do anything
to have you back again

I can not sleep
'cause you're in front of me
oh don't erase me
please remember me 

but I wish that I could save you
I want to be with you

I wish I had a heart
that wasn't so wounded

Sometimes I'm low
when you are high
sometimes I see you dancing
in my sleepless nights

I see you all the time
and I hate mirrors
sometimes I think I see your
arms around my chest

but you're never there
when I turn around


November 19th, 2010 + 11:11 PM  ·  heartxposure

My latest work.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this sound better in quality than
my previous uploads? I'm asking 'cause I spent some time with the the dynamics and reverb
in cubase this time such as:


Like... trying to figure out how to use them correctly haha. how'd I do?

oh, and here's the lyrics. (and yeah, they're pretty depressing I guess..)

You said:                                                  
I want you to kill me
'cause I've heard it's so much
better on the other side

I'm sick
so sick of waiting
for you 'cause you
will never be the light 

and I know
that you know I suffer
so why don't you take this gun and
blow me away

don't say
that I am selfish
'cause I've always been
alone and nothing's changed

please don't go now
don't let me watch you leave
but I'm so sick of this life
it doesn't know what I need

but don't let this break you down
I know just what to do
No I don't want your help
don't want anything from you
but YOU.

please don't
ask me to explain
I really do not know
what else to say

I'm lost
I've felt so incomplete
since you said that we
will never be

and I know
that you know I need you
but friendship's so much better
yeah, I agree


November 12th, 2010 + 6:11 PM  ·  heartxposure

Hey guys.
This is a song I've been working on, and which I now
consider finished..(?)
I'd love some constructive criticism on the recording itself.
I've never done a "full song" like this before, with a full instrument rack and
panning left/right etc. so I'm very curious about how it sounds to you.

Thank you

// Adam

I need a pair of eyes to drown in
and a place to find myself
and I want a sky with clouds that I
can fall from and a parachute of love

I need a pair of arms to hide in
to hold me and never let go
and I want you
I want you so desperately
I want your arms forever wrapped around me

and inside your heart
there you can chain me
inside your light
I will forever glow

and it's the way you stair into my eyes
that gets me so captivated

but there's just one thing

I'm scared to believe
I'm scared to be me
to be in a prison cell without you

You're so insecure
so open the door to your heart

I'm sick of you
I'm sick of me
come get me out of here
There is something with my brain

I needed nothing more than you to drown in
it was in you I found myself
and I needed no sky 'cause my heaven was here
and that parachute was you

but you know..

I'm scared to believe
I'm scared to be me
to be in a prison cell without you

You're so insecure
so open the door to your heart

I'm sick of you
I'm sick of me
come get me out of here
There is something with my brain
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